Ace tanker medal tier 3-8 (SPG)

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О продукте

We can take the the "Ace tanker" medal on any tank of IV level and higher.

If you want to play during leveling - just specify the timeframes;

All our services are completed 100% by hand, without using any cheats, bots or any illegal mods;

Confidentiality. No one will know that you have used our services;

All fights are only in random battles;

Extras you received: Crew experience, crew skills, free experience, medals, Mark of exellents, missions and other…

Чат доступен только авторизированным пользователям.

Premium account.

4+ level of tank with top modules;

500,000 silver for one "Ace tanker" medal;

Allow our booster to fit three modules of his choice. (silver for the buying or 100 gold for the changing);

Allow our booster to retrain crew in the most appropriate manner (you can choose by silver or by gold);

100% — «primary skill»

100% — «first skill»

100% — «second skill» (for some tanks)

While the work is in progress, you should not play on ordered tanks.

Share account.

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Ace tanker medal tier 3-8 (SPG)

10 доступно


( 44.00 USD)

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