World of Warcraft Classic 1-60 Powerleveling


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About the product

Why classic WoW Powerleveling is so long?

Leveling was a major part of character progression in original Vanilla wow. Mobs respawn was static and whole queues were arranged to kill the mob hold up experience gaining. Equipment which you get on 45-50 levels could be used at level 60 before getting loot from raids, so a lot of players farming the same locations, dungeons or mobs as you. Leveling in WoW Classic lacks a lot of the amenities that we take for granted playing the live game in 2019. There are some obvious ones — no heirlooms, for example — but some changes over the past 15 years that are generally defined as quality of life changes are not at all present in this version of the game. You are going to level a lot more slowly than you’re used it. For starters, there are fewer flight points, your Hearthstone is on a 60-minute cooldown, and the concept of centralized quest flow that debuted in Cataclysm doesn’t really exist. When you start out on your journey at level 1, you have almost nothing. Everything you kill is a source of gear whether it actually drops a piece of gray vendor trash or white quality items that are upgrades because you have nothing. Either you’re getting gear or you can make some copper pieces by vendoring those drops. If you’re used to the economy on live servers, you are going to feel the difference when you play Classic and you’re harvesting every last piece of everything you kill that you can fit in your bags. You’ll sell it all, reap a few silver combined, and immediately blow every cent on things like new ranks and abilities, which you can’t use until you train them. You will also drop money on First Aid and Cooking and you’ll use both of them because without them your downtime between kills will be another factor keeping you from leveling atanything like a reasonable speed.


What can we offer you?


You will get boost to 60 level;

We don’t use any programs or bots, only hand work (to prove it we are able to provide screens or stream on your request);

Boost will take up to 21 days

All items and gold obtained during the leveling process will stay at your character.

We will use VPN of your country;

We provide this service with account sharing.


Chat is only available for authorized users.

- No Gear Requirements

- Character created

- Paid game subscription

- You need to provide us with your email and password (account sharing orders).

- If you have an authenticator attached, please turn off the option to ask code / approve each time our player tries to log.

World of Warcraft Classic 1-60 Powerleveling

100 available


( 495.00 EUR)

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