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Dota 2 is one of the most exciting but also one of the most complex online games. Improving your skills, building a good MMR score and understanding all your hero’s abilities and skills takes time to learn yourself. Don’t let your MMR score suffer while you try to absorb it all on your own — let e2p’s in-house team of Dota 2 experts and professional players guide you to victory.

Dota 2 Coaching from Experts

e2p brings you a coaching service provided by some of the best Dota 2 pro players in the world. Interact with them directly and use their expertise to learn about:

  • Your hero’s abilities and weaknesses.
  • Each enemy’s strength and weaknesses.
  • How to improve your best attack and defense skills.
  • How to navigate the map for the most rewards while remaining safe.

These one-on-one lessons are the key to boosting your ranking and discovering the best tips and tricks. They are the easiest way to advance without cheating and risking being penalized or banned.

Each of our experts allocates time to you based on the package your purchase. Packages may be based on number of hours or on Match ID.

When you choose an hours-based package, your coach will create a learning plan based on your current MMR, your hero and what you want to learn. You may adjust and modify the plan as you get better. Coaches help new Dota 2 players by playing unranked training matches with them to put their skills into practice.

With a package based on match ID, the coach dissects each and every move by you, your teammates and opponents from the video of the match. This analysis is categorized to show you what you did well in the game and what aspects you can improve on. It also touches on how to respond to attacks and how to defend your base effectively.

Learn at Your Convenience

e2p will adapt to your convenience. Our experts will schedule teaching times in consultation with you to give you the best chance to learn and improve. Join the Dota 2 University today.