[NA] 790 Riot Points via Gifting Center


E2P Buyer Protection is Active

13 available (min. )


( 5.50 EUR)

american express
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About the product

How it works?

1) Select the item you want from the store. (skin,champion etc)

2) Make an order and contact me on site and tell me what skins,champions,icons,wards,Mystery you want.

3) Send me your in game name. (your LoL name) and then i will add you from an account to send you the RP gift that you want.



Chat is only available for authorized users.

NOTE: This is only for 790RP. If you want more or less RP check my other offers or send me a message. I would be glad to help you!

The Riot Points is 100% Safe and legal! There is not chance to get you banned since we dont need to have access in your account to send you Gifts.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

*After i add you as friend then you have to wait 24hours to receive your gift. :) To be able to send you Riot Points takes 24 hours so please be patient.

[NA] 790 Riot Points via Gifting Center

13 available


( 5.50 EUR)

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