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In-game, from user to user.

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About the product

As is known, the first 10 ranked games are extremely important for the starting MMR in Dota 2. Playing well gets an account placed higher. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to keep cool and consistently win. Other times, you do not want to reset your climbing progress. It might be that you are not entirely confident in your own powers. Whatever your reasoning is, i  offers its boosts for Dota to those, who need them.


Playing in higher ranks helps to learn the game faster and to start performing better as a player. Getting calibrated into low ranks might result in getting stuck there. Have you experienced that already? Then the best solution for your Dota 2 needs is purchasing a boosting from me.


What is even better in getting higher starting MMR is that you will need less time to get to your personal soft cap. From there on, you can start improving and get even better at this game. So, spending less time in the lower ranks can actually make a player better. Who knows, maybe you will become the next big thing in the Dota 2 esports community after our boost. 


Conditions for performing the service DotA 2 Calibration games:


Steam account with Dota 2.


Account transfer is required.


100 hours played in simple matches.


You are not in a queue with a low priority.


To grant me access to my Dota 2 account via Family View, I do not ask for a secret question or email access.


Thanks to the Family View system, I will not have access to trade usage, item sales, or Steam settings for changing your email or password.


The price is for 1 game


Delivery method In-game, from user to user.
Delivery time Instant

Chat is only available for authorized users.


98 available

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 32.73 USD)

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