Embracing ESG in the food sector.

At e2p, being true to our North Star is elemental to how we create value for our investors, our companies, our employees, and the world around us. That’s why ESG is at the forefront of our business transformation plans and all our operations. We firmly believe that by integrating these principles we can drive meaningful change. In fact, we believe it isn’t an option to think and act any differently.

North Star Smart Investing™ Program

Committed to driving value
through sustainability.

Under the leadership of Amy Silverstein, our North Star Smart Investing™ Program is a cornerstone of e2p’s beliefs and action plans to methodically create value in our core sector. It’s more than talking points, or a belief in pursuing priorities for altruism’s sake. It’s essential to maximum value creation in food.

North Star Smart Investing™ Program

North Star Smart Investing™ Program

This proprietary intellectual property guides our investment process, and extends into each deal we evaluate and invest in as an integral component of our overarching business transformation plan. After investment, each portfolio company is assigned a North Star SIP™ with specific priorities to drive value creation – with the potential to mitigate risk, achieve cost efficiencies, and accelerate growth.

Conducting ESG diligence on all
new platform investments.

Incorporating ESG priorities into each
Business Transformation Plan.

Working towards a responsible business
platform through governance, risk
management, and KPIs.