Our approach

Food is a cornerstone of everyday life.

When e2p began, we saw an opportunity to apply our experience in the food industry to cultivate enduring partnerships, foster sustainable value, and create profound opportunities for the food entrepreneurs we invest in, their employees, customers, communities, and our investors. We knew capital alone wasn’t enough, so we built this company on a network of expertise, and a holistic approach to the food space.

Investment strategy

Our playbook aims to cultivate lasting growth.


We leverage decades of experience.

e2p is led by seven tenured and accomplished partners who bring more than 150 years of collective, relevant, and complementary experience. We’ve fostered meaningful relationships and gained unparalleled experience in the food and beverage industry. We believe we know this space like no one else.

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We maintain an advantage in sourcing.

We’ve built an exclusive sourcing network exposing us to new and future opportunities, with the goal to be the first private equity owner of every platform investment we pursue. Our proprietary, thesis-driven methods create opportunities and tangible benefits for all parties.


We embrace transformation and invest in growth.

Laying the groundwork for driving sustainable growth is essential. We create a tailored Business Transformation Plan (“BTP”) for each potential investment. This plan establishes clear goals and defines performance expectations for each company, aligning objectives and rewards for all stakeholders, and fostering accountability.

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We cultivate meaningful relationships.

When you work with us, you work with our entire network. Our portfolio companies benefit by being a part of the e2p Ecosystem, a growing network of industry specialists, family business owners, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals. Our community provides real-time insights, trend analysis, and strategy that drive growth and innovation in the consumer food sector.

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In our opinion, we never go wrong doing what’s right.

e2p strives to leave employees, customers, communities, and investors better after investing in and working with a food sector portfolio company. Our Responsible Investment Policy informs our investment process and extends to each deal we invest in. We conduct thorough third-party reviews for all portfolio companies and new investments.

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Where we invest

Creating sustainable brands, focused on legacy and value.

  • Our Focus

    We partner with family owned businesses seeking transitions, or corporations selling off portions of their company, making major investments to align our goals with their management.

  • Sectors of Interest
    • Established food, beverage, and pet products and/or brands
    • Private label/contract manufacturing
    • Foodservice
    • Consumer packaged goods
  • Company / Investment Size
    • Revenue: $50 million or more
    • Equity investments: $25 million – $150 million
    • EBITDA range: $5 million – $75 million
    • EBITDA sweet spot: $10 million – $35 million