LvL80 CI Flameblast Totems (Pizzasticks) Inquisitor, 5643 Energy Shield, Great clear speed and huge Ignites, +LvL 52 EK Scion

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О продукте

When you purchase this PoE Account please contact me and send me an e-mail address that hasn't been linked to any other PoE Accounts before. I will link your e-mail to the PoE Account!

You can send me the e-mail address via the Special Note to Seller field once you buy the account!

Main Character:

Lvl 80 Inquisitor

Standard League

CI Flameblast Totems Build (Pizzasticks)


Strongest build right now.

Excellent Endgame items

Insane Damage with Ignites/Crits

Very Wide AOE, nearly the whole screen

5643 Energy Shield

2200 Energy Shield recharge per Second

769 Mana

12% Evasion

24% Chance to Block

Cannot be Stunned

75%(146%)/75%(115%)/76%(162%) Max overcapped Resists in Merciless

Chaos Inoculation so 100% Chaos resistance

Extra Damage mitigation flasks

+24% Movement Speed


Main attack: Flameblast+Spell Totem+Controlled Destruction+Faster Casting+Increased Critical Strikes+Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect

Power Charge Generation: Orb of Storms+Power Charge on Critical+Increased Critical Strikes

Curse: Enfeeble+Blasphemy

Auras: Discipline

Minion: Lightning Golem

Shield Charge+Faster Attacksfor faster movement

All Gems are 18


Alt Character 1:

Lvl 52 Scion

Legacy League

Ethereal Knives+Blade Vortex Build


Main attack: Ethereal Knives+Faster Casting+Added Fire+Spell Echo

Secondary: Blade Vortex+Controlled Destruction

Minion: Flame Golem

Aura: Herald of Ash

Flame Dash


Alt Character 2:

Lvl 33 Ranger

Legacy League


Alt Character 3:

Lvl 16 Witch

Legacy League


Alt Character 4:

Lvl 13 Witch

Standard League


Summary: The main character was designed to kill all endgame bosses (Atziri, Shaper, Guardians, T15 bosses, Breachlords, anything) very easily and safely with a few more levels. You have great clear speed and huge ignites. The account has characters and items both on Standard and Legacy so excellent choice no matter where you want to play. I highly recommend this account!

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LvL80 CI Flameblast Totems (Pizzasticks) Inquisitor, 5643 Energy Shield, Great clear speed and huge Ignites, +LvL 52 EK Scion

1 доступно


( 218.90 USD)

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