Shadowlands leveling from 50 lvl to 60 lvl


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About the product

Buying Shadowlands powerleveling from 50-60 will grant you that essential competitive edge over other players who will waste their time learning new content and adapting to the new leveling system. The Shadowlands level boost allows you to skip the boring levels grind and enter the high-level content of new expansion one of the first ones in World of Warcraft.


WoW Shadowlands power leveling to 60 package includes:

  • one level 60 character leveled manually;
  • Level 60 achievement;
  • No bots, hacks, or exploit used during the boost only time-proven methods;
  • All items, collectibles, loot, and resources acquired during the level boost.


The power leveling process in Shadowlands takes approximately 8-62 hours (depends on the selected option and your timeframes). Our pro leveling boosters have maxed out from 50 to 60 over 100 characters on beta. They know exactly what to do to get you the fastest leveling service in WoW Shadowlands. 


Currently, only pre-orders are available! Don’t miss your chance as we have a limited amount of slots to be leveled-up, right upon the start of Shadowlands.


50-60 SL level boost requirements:

  • a purchased copy of Shadowlands Expansion;
  • any gear is acceptable;
  • level 50 character.


Our shadowlands level boosting team has calculated what is the minimum required time to complete each zone in SHadowlands. This was done on beta therefore the final timings can be slightly different. Here is the list for your reference.


Those timings are considered to be the ideal Shadowlands leveling times and may vary due to the crowded quest spots, open-world PvP, lack of buffs, or long dungeon queues. That is why we allocate additional time just as a reserve for us to deliver the perfect level carry for you. 


Nevertheless we are going to do everything in our power to complete your order as soon as possible. We know various leveling techniques and will use them accordingly depending on the current server situation.


Feeling thrilled about the new expansion, just purchase the professional shadowlands power leveling and enjoy the high-level content such as covenants, mythic+ dungeons, raids, and world quest as soon as possible.



Delivery method Account Sharing
Delivery time 12 - 24 hours

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Shadowlands leveling from 50 lvl to 60 lvl

Character control

Piloted(Account Sharing)

99 available

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 33.00 EUR)

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