Glory of Shadowlands Hero


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About the product

The Glory of Shadowlands Hero boost is a full run through 8 Shadowlands dungeons in a mythic difficulty with completion of 24 achievements that are required for Glory of Shadowlands Hero meta-achievement.


There is the list of  achievements  that are includes in the Glory of the Shadowlands Hero:

Glory of the Shadowlands Hero


Bountiful Harvest

Ready for Raiding VII

Someone Could Trip on These!

Full Gores Meal

Riding with my Slimes

Breaking Bad

Couple's Therapy

Thinking with...


Three Choose One

Royal Rumble

I Only Have Eyes For You

Surgeon's Supplies

Hooked On Hydroponics

Hunger for Knowledge

Going Viral

Picking Up the Pieces

Nobody Puts Denathrius in a Corner

Highly Communicable

Goliath Offline

I Can See My House From Here

Fresh Meat!

Residue Evil

Kaal-ed Shot


Also you will get two more achievements: 



In total you will receive 27 achievements which can be equated to 285 achievement points

The award for the Glory of the Shadowlands Hero is a new lovely mount: Voracious Gorger


Delivery method Account Sharing
Delivery time 4 - 6 hours

Chat is only available for authorized users.

The GotSLH boost requirements:

- level 60 character;

- active Shadowlands subscription;

- basic questing gear or no gear needed;

- no lockdown on SL mythic dungeons;

Glory of Shadowlands Hero

Character control

Piloted(Account Sharing)

50 available

Minimum order sum: 100.00


( 126.50 EUR)

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