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About the product

Deep within the capital of Naga known as Nazjatar you will find the queen Azshara's palace called The Eternal Palace where the most terrible secrets lurking deep under water are to be discovered. Azshara's Eternal Palace is the fourth Battle for Azeroth raid where you will face 8 bosses along with the Queen Azshara herself and end her threat once and for all.


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1 Feats of Strength achievement: AHEAD OF THE CURVE: QUEEN AZSHARA (for 8/8 The Eternal Palace Heroic Boost)

430+ item level loot for your character's chosen class and spec including warforged, titanforged and socketed items. Check Loot Info tab for more information

Several AQUEOUS RELIQUARY items which can be used to create Rank 1, Rank 2 and Rank 3 Azerite Essences: Azeroth's Undying Gift (Tank), Vitality Conduit (Healer) or Condensed Life-Force (DPS)

Raid with Basic Personal Loot (PL) option means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck, which we wish you most of all :) 

Tons of AZERITE to boost your HEART OF AZEROTH level

All these rewards will be easily yours after you buy our most reliable boost service in Europe (EU region) with affordable price and excellent support

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Things you should know and get ready to

There's one limitation with common Battle for Azeroth loot system in which only items with lower item level than the ones player already has in the same item slot can be traded. Despite this, we guarantee that all of your assigned players will have higher item level than the basic item level of items dropped in this raid (430) and will be able to trade you 99.9% of items they get. The only exceptions are Titanforged items of very high item level increase and Azerite Armor pieces (head, shoulders and chest items) which, with all our desire, can not be traded.

120 Lvl Character.


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Heroic Run

Character control

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Extra Loot

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+3 boosters in same armor type

+5 boosters in same armor type

+7 boosters in same armor type

100 available


( 172.44 USD)

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