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About the product

Mythic Ny’alotha Boost


With the cross-realm raid buying Ny'alotha, The Waking City in Mythic mode has become very fast and simple. There is no need to transfer your character to clear the full dungeon. This high-end PvE content of the World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion will grant you a BiS 475 ilvl gear from the patch 8.3 Visions of N’zoth. 


With this Full Mythic Ny’alotha 12/12 run you will clear the full raid with a professional top world raiding guild, who will help you to get the best loot in the game while just relaxing and watching the hardest WoW boss encounters. Apart from Ny’alotha mythic loot for your spec, you will get the Azerite power for the Hearth of Azeroth Artifact, achievements for each defeated boss, and the most valuable FoS the Cutting Edge. We are doing several Ny’alotha carry runs per week, therefore you are guaranteed to have a spot in our next raid.


Approximate boosting time is: 180 mins


Buy Ny’alotha mythic boost from Goldboost today and get the following:


  • Full Ny’alotha raid boost with all 12/12 bosses killed;
  • A run with the top professional PvE reading guild;
  • 3-9 item slots guarantee (depending on the number of chosen loot traders);
  • Each wing & Boss Achievements, such as Mythic: N'zoth, the Corruptor;
  • You shall be granted the title "the Uncorrupted";
  • If you kill N'zoth till next expansion release you will get FoS - Cutting Edge: N'zoth, the Corruptor;
  • Free self-play option, to see each and every boss mechanics.

A personal loot system will be activated during the full NWC Mythic boosting process. Therefore all loot will be received by you personally with an approximately 20% chance from each boss encounter. Goldboost guarantees you a number of mythic gear items for the full run. For the Mythic Ny’alotha loot run 12/12 you will surely get a minimum of 7 items!


Goldboost loot guarantee for the Ny'alotha Mythic carry:


  • 12/12 Bosses: 7 different Item Slots.


Please note, that personal loot drops, bonus rolls, and items that DO NOT "increase" or “upgrade” your character strengths are still included in the guaranteed amount of items.


Note: Please do make at least 1 hit to each boss so that you go into combat mode and will receive achievements loot from them ar the end of the fight. Otherwise, you will not get anything from this boss fight.


The usual boss order for the Ny’alotha ,Mythic boost is: Wrathion > Skitra > Maut > Hivemind > Shad'har > Xanesh > Vexiona > Ra-den > Drest'agath > Il'gynoth > Carapace > N'zoth


The boss order can be changed according to raid needs to guarantee you fast and efficient completion of your Ny’alotha mythic raid carry!



Delivery method In-game, from user to user.
Delivery time Instant

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Nyalotha Mythic Boost Run is available for the WoW EU region including United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar, Greece, Cyprus, etc. Feel free to make an order and we will contact you within 15 minutes after payment to clarify details and confirm the order.

Chat is only available for authorized users.


  • 120 level character;
  • No special item level or equipment required;
  • Fresh raid cooldown on your character;
  • Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve equipped;
  • Selfplay mode;
  • It is required and your obligation to do at least 1 hit to the boss to get loot & achievements!

Ny'alotha The Waking Sity Mythic run |

6 available

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 508.20 USD)

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