Ny'alotha The Waking Sity Mythic run | 07.07.2020


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In-game, from user to user.

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6 available (min. 1)

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About the product

Hello Gamer! 

Ny'alotha The Waking Sity Mythic run Includes:

We will defeat 12 bosses in Ny’alotha, the Waking City Mythic mode with rewards of 475+ ilvl gear.;

There is only personal loot mode, means item could possibly drop to you each time you loot the boss (similar to LFR rules). 

You will be rewarded by getting an achievement for each quarter of Ny’alotha, the Waking City.

Loot Guarantee


3 Bosses 2+ Item Slots

4 Bosses 3+ Item Slots

5 Bosses 3+ Item Slots

6 Bosses 4+ Item Slots

7 Bosses 4+ Item Slots

8 Bosses 5+ Item Slots

9 Bosses 5+ Item Slots

10 Bosses 6 Item Slots

11 Bosses 6 Item Slots

12 Bosses 7 Item Slots




We can offer a live stream. 

In addition, our teams always making screenshots of the progress. Feel free to ask for any updates!


NWC Mythic Run Boost Service Conditions:

First of all, we guarantee the completion of any orders. However, most loot and in-game activities based on random and can take more time to complete.

Also, we will never use 3-rd party software, bots or any kind of cheats. 

There are many factors that can delay start or increase ETA of your order: during server lags, maintenance, ISP issues, etc. Unfortunately, we can't avoid this for 100% but we will do our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible. We hope for your understanding.




Delivery method In-game, from user to user.
Delivery time Instant

Addictional info

Nyalotha Mythic Boost Run is available for the WoW EU region including United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar, Greece, Cyprus, etc. Feel free to make an order and we will contact you within 15 minutes after payment to clarify details and confirm the order.

Chat is only available for authorized users.

The maximum level for BFA expansion - 120.

445+ Ilvl requiered. We always can offer something like Gearing Service just write on chat!

Ny'alotha, the Waking City Mythic Run Boost service is possible in selfplay mode only.

Seller offers

Ny'alotha The Waking Sity Mythic run | 07.07.2020

6 available

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 674.30 USD)