WoW RBG PvP Boost


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RBG Rating Boost
RBG Rating Boost
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In-game, from user to user.

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99 available (min. 1)

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 33.60 EUR)

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About the product

WoW RBG boost is the professional PvP service where our team of top players will carry your character at the Rated Battlegrounds to get you more wins, rating, new titles and achievements. We provide various RBG carry services. From a simple win farm and weekly rating support to the more challenging ones such as RBG rating boosting.


The current RBG fight is a 10 vs 10 battle where two high-skilled PvP teams are competing to complete all the challenges of the map. Weather is it a flag capture, point defence or simple slice and dice we can assist you to make the best of it. With our professional RBG carry team you will be able to receive up to 14 achievements and titles and boost your rating to the staggering 2400+. 


Buying Goldboost’s RBG rating boost will get you the following awesome results:


  • Carry to the chosen amount of RBG rating;
  • Professional RBG boost with top multi-glad player team;
  • 370-385 ilvl item upon the next reset (weekly cache);
  • self-play mode for extra account security;
  • Transmogrification for this seasons elite PVP set for 1800+ rating;
  • 2100+ RBG rating boost cloak transmogrification appearance and a weapon enchant;
  • Quality RBG game carries without use of 3rd party programs and win trades;
  • RBG Titles boost, PvE achievements, RBG mounts and elite gear based on your current rating;
  • Honor level boost.


There are the following rating based achievements for RBG in WoW which also award you with some special PvP titles:




Delivery method In-game, from user to user.
Delivery time Instant

Chat is only available for authorized users.


  • BFA 120 lvl character;
  • active WoW Subscription;
  • no Gear requirements up to 1700 rating;
  • 475+ item level for 2v2 2400+ rating boosts.
  • participate and follow the team play strategies at higher rating RBG boosts;
  • EU-realms only at the moment.

WoW RBG PvP Boost

99 available

Minimum order sum: 1.00


( 33.60 EUR)

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