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No game is complete without customization and World of Warcraft gives you an endless array of mounts, pets and toys to make your hero stand out. You could try farming all the unique options but that takes a lot of time and also a lot of luck. Why not choose the cheap, straightforward way — e2p’s reliable farm services?

WoW Mounts, Pets and Toys Farming

E2p has one of the widest arrays of customization accessories, including just these variations of pets:

  • aquatic;
  • best;
  • critter;
  • dragonkin;
  • elemental;
  • flying;
  • humanoid;
  • magic;
  • mechanical;
  • undead.

Besides pets, there are also imaginative options like personal holograms, the ability to look like a member of the opposing faction.

The Best Option for WoW Gamers

Every option advertised on this page is available right now and will be delivered as soon as we process your request. What are you waiting for? Make a unique mark on the WoW world with e2p now.