120 LVL UP! Lightspeed!

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About the product

Cheaper than Blizzard Character Boost!

100% Handmade, what mean zero chance on desqualification.

Full time live stream!


What you'll get:

Ton of reputations with new factions.

~280-290 average item level of equipment.

+10k gold.

120lvl character with complete storyline in 2 locations, and access to all hi-end content features such as:

World Quests, Mythic Dungeons, Raid Dungeon Uldir and so on!




Active WoW:BFA account with 100 or 110 lvl (depend on order options) character.

All what I need is login and pass. I'll contact with you on order page right when You purchase a boost.


Feel free to ask me any questions in chat!

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120 LVL UP! Lightspeed!




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60 available


( 70.00 USD)

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