Personal combat missions Object 260 - FULL TANK


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10 available (min. )


( 440.00 EUR)

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About the product

Important: Before placing an order - contact the operator to find out if you have equipment on the account, which is necessary to complete the tasks and get the tank.The service is not available for all tanks


This service involves getting the tank into the hangar. If you want to order the fulfillment of individual missions, then write to us and we will calculate the cost.


Estimated time: negotiable


If you want to play during leveling - just specify the timeframes;


All our services are completed 100% by hand, without using any cheats, bots or any illegal mods;


Confidentiality. No one will know that you have used our services;


All fights are only in random battles;


Extras you received: Crew experience, crew skills, free experience, medals, Mark of exellents, missions and other…

Chat is only available for authorized users.

Premium account.


Allow our booster to fit three modules of his choice. (silver for the buying or 100 gold for the changing)


Allow our booster to retrain crew in the most appropriate manner (you can choose by silver or by gold)


100% — «primary skill»


100% — «first skill»


100% — «second skill» (for some tanks)


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Personal combat missions Object 260 - FULL TANK

10 available


( 440.00 EUR)

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