Experience Farm! 15k EXP


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1000 available (min. )


( 6.00 EUR)

american express
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About the product

Fast and Safe - 100% handmade service from top boosting team!


Average XP per battle: 700-1500 avg XP per battle.

Average Damage per battle: 2000-4000 average Damage per battle on top tanks.

Quantity of destroyed tanks: 100 battles will bring 150 frags.

All credits gained during the boost will stay on your account.

Achievements and medals acquired during experience farm.

Your crew will be leveled too along with your tanks.

Chat is only available for authorized users.

Premium account.

Silver to buy golden shells.

Possibility to install three modules of driver's choice (~100 gold)

Ability to relearn the crew perks for driver's choice.

While the work is in progress, you should not play on ordered tanks.

Minimum level 8 tank.

Experience Farm! 15k EXP

1000 available


( 6.00 EUR)

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