Heroes of the Storm: Leveling - 50 levels


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Game Mode

3333 available (min. 1)

Minimum order sum: 30.00


( 44.00 USD)

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About the product

What do you need to do?

First of all you should message to me if you have any additional questions. Then you need to pay for the lot, and wait until I answer. 

 Want booster play only quick matches? Check the box next to "Quick Match". 

Leveling vs AI is faster and easier, means - lower price. 

After payment you should send me your login and password to login in a game. 

Please, notice that if you have enabled 2fa, you need to send me a verification code.


How will the boost happen?

After I recieve your information to login, I will start to play. I will let you know, when I finish. You also can message me while order in progress. If you have not selected any option in "Type of games" I will play whatever I want (AI, QM, Draft) (except ranked)

How long will it take?

This is depends on amount of levels and type of games you chose.

Addictional info

Stream of the order process, or any additional questions, can be discussed in the messages.

Chat is only available for authorized users.

Heroes of the Storm: Leveling - 50 levels

Game Mode

Quick Match

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unranked draft

3333 available

Minimum order sum: 30.00


( 44.00 USD)

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