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Friendly seller - also helpfull with questions and a fast processing speed of the order!

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The number of times you win in any game is very important and Fortnite is no different. A high win rate is a sign of a smart player who learns quickly and applies lessons just as fast. A low win rate, on the other hand, shows someone of low rank and ability. Remember, your win rate can be seen by anyone who plays Fortnite. If you have an embarrassing win rate, you need our Fortnite win boost service.

Why Win Boosting is Important in Fortnite

e2p has an in-house team of professional Fortnite players who are experts at proboosting. With thousands of wins under their belt, they can help transform your ordinary Fortnite record into that of a champion.

Many Fortnite players lose out on the best chance to enjoy the game fully because of poor win stats. Most of them start off with a very low win rate, which means that there are few chances of joining a squad. There are three main ways to get a high win rate on your own early in your Fortnite career:

  • Learn the best and most effective tactics.
  • Be lucky enough to complete all the most rewarding daily quests.
  • Spend a lot of money to buy gear.

Progress will still be slow because more experienced players will apply their tactics to defeat you. In that sense, most players with low win rates will never get to experience the full intensity of Fortnite, when the storm circle is very small and the action is extremely intense. It is at this stage that the best players and the best tactics can be learned.

How Does Fortnite Proboosting Work?

e2p does Fortnite win boosting in two ways. First, you can use Account Share. Here, our pro Fortnite players use your hero to score as many wins as you want (based on the package you buy). The other way is self play. Here, you play Fortnite with our squad and we help you rack up as man wins as you need (based on the package you buy).

We can start boosting your wins within minutes of your purchase and usually deliver the full win boost in just over 1 hour. See, you have nothing to ‘lose’. Try it now!