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Best of the best

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Fortnite is less than 2 years old but it has already taken the world by storm. With millions of players logging in to play countless the game for hours every day, you need to have a high Power Level to win. That is where e2p can help.

What is Fortnite PowerLeveling?

Power level is basically the level of expertise and skill that you have as a Fortnite player. High Power levels unlock new and more complex missions but they also control how strong you will be during those missions. Your PL influences the skills that you can learn during a mission, too. We now also know that being part of a squad with other high PL players boosts your own Power Level.

By leveling up your account, you get access to these perks and more. It makes for a better gaming experience because it gives you a boost in the odds of winning. Don’t forget, powerleveling will also give you a wider range of missions and experiences while playing.

e2p brings you Fortnite powerleveling services from some of the most talented and experienced Fortnite gamers in the world. You can choose to have your account boosted from Level 1 to 20 and all the way up to Level 100.

Along with the powerleveling boost, you also enjoy these free perks in the package:

  • Battle Tiers Level.
  • Character Outfit Skins.
  • Harvesting Tool Skins.
  • Flying Glider Skins.
  • Other Cosmetic rewards.

Why Boost Your Fortnite Account?

Your Fortnite Power Level is based on four facts that have the acronym FORT — Fortitude, Offense, Resistance and Tech. Your ability in each of those categories is affected by the skills you have unlocked in the Skill Tree.

In-game experience also gives you Research Points. These points can be used to unlock other skills, allowing you to create a well-rounded character that is able to adapt to the situation and survive difficult encounters.

In short, every level boost makes for a more immersive and versatile gaming experience.

Please note that all e2p Fortnite powerleveling services require you to have account sharing enabled because we play using your character.