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Fortnite daily quests are challenges you can complete for free rewards. New daily quests appear in your inbox every day (at 7 PM EST) as long as you log in for that day. Completing daily quests is an easy way to earn V-Bucks and Daily Coins, which you can then use to buy in-game heroes, weapons, gear and skins.

There are many kinds of daily quests available and they vary in nature — some are luck-based while others are skills-based. These quests can be divided into two categories:

  • PVP (play vs Player).
  • PVE (Player vs Environment).

Either way, daily quests require time and effort to complete. If you do not have the time because of school or work, or if you find that they are too difficult, why not let our Fortnite experts earn the rewards for your account?

Completing Fortnite Daily Quest Challenges

While they are called ‘daily’ requests, there is no time limit for players to complete them. However, the downside is that there can only be a maximum of 3 active Daily Quests on an account. You can skip the ones you cannot finish (once a day) and have them replaced by a fresh quest.

Some Fortnite players come to us because they have a huge backlog of daily quests that they have not been able to complete.

e2p’s in-house experts know the entire Fortnite game world very well. They can complete most Daily Quests quickly so you can head back into the game to use the earned V-Bucks and Daily Coins to buy what you want.

Fortnite Daily Quests Boost Service

e2p’s Fortnite boosting service is completely legal because we do not cheat to complete the quests. Instead, we put in the hard work to complete the missions. The game servers understand that this is not cheating and so, there will be no banning or penalties on your account.

Please note that you will have to switch on Account Sharing for our experts to complete Daily Quests using your account.

You have suffered long enough — let e2p take your Fortnite gaming t the next level with our Daily Quests boosting service today!