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Best of the best

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Friendly seller - also helpfull with questions and a fast processing speed of the order!

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Are you rage quitting Fortnite? Are your friends making fun of you because your character always dies quickly? Have you tried copying successful players but still keep losing even when you do the exact same thing? Welcome to the world of frustrations that Fortnite can be.

The solution? e2p’s custom Fortnite coaching.

How Does Fortnite Coaching Work?

e2p brings you the most comprehensive Fortnite coaching lessons from some of the world’s best Fortnite pro gamers. They cover all the platforms on which Fortnite is available:

  • Xbox.
  • Mac OS.
  • PS4.
  • PC.

Unlike some other coaching services that focus on the theory behind the moves, we put the emphasis on applying every lesson we teach on the Fortnite battlefield. A large part of each package includes playing together with our coaches, be it in duo or creative modes.

Here, you will learn the best tricks from the experts about how to assault, defend and build. You will discover how to apply the lessons you learn and improve your player skills.

Of course, the focus is not only on new players. Even advanced players can learn from our Fortnite experts. If you are a reasonably experienced player but find that your progress has plateaued recently, we can help. What we give you are the insider tips and tricks that we have learned by spending countless hours paying Fortnite.

This is the key to progressing from a casual player to an advanced player. Some of our former clients have gone on to become coaches and pro gamers themselves. In that sense, our Fortnite lessons are like a degree from Fortnite University!

The Value of Fortnite Coaching Lessons

You can try to learn to be a good Fortnite on your own as we did. However, it took us many months of gaming for hours every day. Can you afford that with work or school?

Our experts love teaching because they love the game. They will give you the expertise you need to advance quickly in small, easy-to-understand packages that you will enjoy. Best of all, you can apply everything you learn immediately.

Why walk when you can fly? Book your Fortnite coaching today!