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Best of the best

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Great Sevice, Fast Execution, Will recommend!

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friendly seller fast processing!

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Friendly seller - also helpfull with questions and a fast processing speed of the order!

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Destiny 2 features massive environments that players can explore... and the dangers that come with it. To improve your chances in the PVE part of the game, you need the best PVE weapons. You could always spend hundreds of hours of gameplay to get rare items and exotic or legendary weapons.

Or, you could do it the smart, quick way. e2p is the place to get all the PVE gear you need quickly, affordably and safely.

Is Destiny 2 PVE Gear Important?

Destiny 2 has two modes — PVE and PVP. However, the amount of PVE content is much more than the PVP content. This means that the majority of your battles and in-game experience come from PVE missions.

You can always grind away at gaining experience and earning gear the hard way. However, this can take many hours and can have an impact on your home, school and personal life. Are you willing to sacrifice that for a game?

We give you the easy option to just sit back and get all the rare items and exotic or legendary weapons you want quickly and easily.

Why is e2p the Best PVE Option?

The only way to gain PVE gear is by going through the hard yards using your account. This means that you have to share your account with the booster for every PVE boost you need. Would you trust some random person on an online forum with your account details? Would you risk having your account banned or penalized for cheating or spamming?

With e2p, you are guaranteed quality, security and privacy. We are an established gaming brand that covers all the major online games and have built a reputation of trust and dependability. Here are some of the precautions we take that other boosting providers do not:

  • Fully vetted professional players that we deal with personally.
  • Immediate work on delivery as soon as a purchase is made.
  • All work is done manually. We do not use bots or programs because that risks detection and banning.
  • When we use account sharing, we do it exclusively through VPN for the highest level of security and privacy.

Get the best out of your Destiny 2 right now — choose a package or contact us with a request today.