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Destiny 2 revolves around making your character as powerful as you can by earning experience point and powerleveling. The process is long and tedious and many players give up on the game before they can unlock the best content. Don’t lose out after putting so much effort in — boost your power with e2p.

How is Destiny 2 Power Calculated?

Power level is calculated as the average of all the gear that your character has equipped in the available slots. It reflects the strength of your character in offense and defense. Each gun has its own attack rating and each piece of armor has its own defense rating. Note that it is no longer necessary to have all the gear equipped — the system analyzes everything in your inventory, even items that are not currently being used.

Leveling up your character’s power level allows you to complete new activities that are not available to lower ranked players. The only way to increase a character’s power is to have them complete side missions and participate in public events that reward you with better gear.

The first goal on any Destiny 2 player’s mind should be an experience level of 50, which is the maximum for any character. A character at level 50 is able to use any weapon in the Destiny 2 world. In most cases, you will need to complete at least the entire story campaign and the expansion missions as well. This is usually enough but not always.

Does all this sound very complicated and difficult? That is because it is. However, our power leveling service lets you enjoy all the benefits with very little effort on your part.

Powerleveling on Destiny 2

e2p has an in-house team of professional Destiny 2 players who are renowned for their gaming skills. They will help you unlock the highest power and experience levels quickly and safely so you can enjoy the best of the game world.

Some of the options available are:

  • Your choice of Experience level (1-50).
  • +500 Power level.
  • With or without story.
  • Dreaming city access.

All this and more can be yours within a few short hours. Come on, make your character be its best today.