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Great Sevice, Fast Execution, Will recommend!

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friendly seller fast processing!

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Friendly seller - also helpfull with questions and a fast processing speed of the order!

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Destiny 2 can be the most exciting game to play but it can also be the most frustrating. Both new and medium level players often find that their progress starts off fast but then slows down to a crawl. They try to follow all the advice from online forums and from watching streaming matches but it makes little to no difference.

If you have been experiencing these disappointments, try e2p’s custom coaching service. Each lesson is designed specifically for you and will help you unlock the skill and experience to become a champion on your own.

How Does Destiny 2 Coaching Work?

Our Destiny 2 coaches take their teaching responsibilities very seriously. They aim to make every second of every lesson count towards making you a better player. There are basically 3 parts to every coaching package:

  • Theory — We analyze your Guardian’s subclass, weapons and equipment. We explain why we choose which equipment for PVP or PVE.
  • Practical — We enter the game zone with you in PVP mode and play against you. This helps us understand what you could improve regarding map positioning, weapon choice and other choices specific to your Guardian.
  • Debrief — An overall analysis of how you performed, what your personal strength and weaknesses are (and how to adapt them to the game) and specific pointers to help improve your gameplay. You are always free to ask questions or ask for coaching on particular aspects of Destiny 2.

We plan it this way so that we cover all possible ground and give you the best chance of making it as a top Destiny 2 player on your own.

Does Destiny 2 Coaching Really Work?

Not just with online games but even in the real world, guidance is very important. It helps you avoid mistakes and waste time while accelerating the pace at which you pick up skills.

Our Destiny 2 coaches are not just weekend players, they are top level players and part of world-leading Destiny 2 clans. Their coaching is valuable because it contains the same lessons they use to keep winning again and again.

Want to be like them? Book a coaching package now.